Steve Kirsch is right: Department of Public Health updates COVID-19 death definition (

Steve Kirsch made the following claim in his recent substack article, here

In Massachusetts, the state Department of Public Health asked medical examiners if the person died with a positive virus test, to consider COVID as a cause of death.

I know this because one of my state medical examiner friends in Massachusetts was told this. My friend won’t speak out about this publicly because he (or she) needs his (or her) job.

We don’t need to rely on hearsay as the method for counting deaths is clearly displayed on the Massachusetts Department of Health website.  Yes, they counted a death as COVID if there was a positive test in the last 60 days even if COVID was not listed on the death certificate.  When they retroactively changed the definition in March of 2022 to the prior 30 days, 4,081 previously counted as COVID were removed.  

Note, they still with count the death as a COVID death if there was a positive test within 30 days even if COVID is not listed on the death certificate.   Further, from the press release, it sounds like Massachusetts is not the only state counting deaths this way.



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