Stunning to see Gospel clearly preached at Queen’s state funeral, as some 4.1 billion people tuned in (

As I watched from earthly Jerusalem, I was blessed to hear Anglican Archbishop declare Queen Elizabeth is now in the “Heavenly Jerusalem” because of her “faith and hope in Jesus Christ”

JERUSALEM—With leaders from all over the British Commonwealth and the globe attending – including Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, and U.S. President Joe Biden – the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II that was held at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday was a glorious proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was also the most-watched television broadcast in world history, with an audience of an estimated 4.1 billion people viewing from every nation, including here in Israel, even this local tea shop.

I was certainly one of them. 

And what did we see?

Certainly British royal pageantry at its finest.

But far more importantly a gorgeous and moving tribute to a woman of deep Christian faith.

A memorial service filled with more Bible passages than I can recall on network television in my entire life, along with one beautiful Christian hymn after another, and one Christ-honoring prayer after another.

Last week, my wife, Lynn, wrote her first column for ALL ISRAEL NEWS, “Queen Elizabeth deeply loved Jesus Christ and the Bible – what I’ve been learning about her extraordinary faith.

I found it absolutely fascinating because I didn’t really know how deep the Queen’s personal faith was or how much she talked about her love for Christ and the Bible.

In the last paragraph, Lynn wrote: “I hope and pray that her funeral and memorial service next week will reflect the queen’s love for the Lord Jesus Christ – the Messiah and Savior of the world – and will prove to be her last great witness to her people, and to all people, including here in Israel.”

I, too, shared her concern.

But we need not have worried.

Here are some of the key elements of the hour-long service, in case you missed it.


These were the first words spoken during the service:


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