The Demonic New World Order is Losing their Power!

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The Demonic New World Order is Losing their Power!

Millions of people are waking up to the evils of their agenda and all the demonic ways they enslave us.

Child Sex Trafficking is a massive billion-dollar industry of the New World Order gang. They laugh and enjoy removing the innocence from God’s children while mostly ‘MEN’ pay to have sex with them and many times the children are murdered. Many children are murdered during Satanic Rituals. Over ONE million children disappear every year in America alone!

People are more careful about the poisonous food and water they are drinking. The New World Order gang has one agenda; to make humans sick, then sell them more poison. The drug companies are part of the New World Order agenda. They create the diseases, then they sell humans the so-called cure – however, the fake cures make you even sicker.

If the New World Order gang believes the world is overcrowded, then why don’t they start by killing themselves? They must have thousands if not millions of people who are members of all the secret societies. START KILLING YOURSELVES – show us how it’s done COWARDS!   Learn more here.

The New World Order gang is losing. Most of us, know they are Satanic and they are LIARS. Humans are waking up. WE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH YOUR POISON ANYMORE!

Many of us are learning how to be self-reliant. More people are homeschooling their children in a safe environment. We are starting to grow our own food and we know how to create good pure clean water. Many of us are learning how to get healthy and how to stay healthy and live a strong prosperous life.

Many of us do not need the New World Order gang. We do not need their money, their toxic food, their pharmaceutical poisons, or their poisonous water full of bacteria and poisonous fluoride.

When more than 80% of Americans finally live a self-reliant lifestyle, then the New World Order gang cannot kill us anymore.

Many of the New World Order criminals are at GITMO attending tribunals and waiting to be sentenced. Many traitors of America will be hung for treason. This fall, there will be a flood of NWO criminals caught, many will be hung, firing squad and many will be in a cage forever.


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Written by Thomas P. Crenshaw

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