The Panama Deception or How US Media Lied Lied Lied

The Panama Deception on

United States INVADED PANAMA AND THEN THE MILITARY MASS MURDERED CHILDREN & ELDERLY.  THEY THEN put the MASS GRAVES OF THESE MURDERED PEOPLE on Military Bases.  The Media COVERED UP all These Crimes.  These types of Criminal Invasions, Mass Murders, and Flagrant violations of Int’l Laws as well as Lying all the time about Everything are the reason the World HATES the United States.  Our media is ZIONIST and they are just a bunch of LIARS.

George Bush Sr. was a Secret Society Homosexual Pedophile.  Just look it up.  He Raped Children.  The man makes me sick.  I can’t even stand to hear his voice.  He is a major drug trafficker and ousted Noriega so he could increase the drug trafficking in Panama.  The Bushes are Satanic Pedophiles who run drugs for money.



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