TRUMP Counts Dismissed Ahead of FANI WILLIS Decision #shorts

TRUMP Counts Dismissed Ahead of FANI WILLIS Decision #shorts

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee just dismissed some of the election interference charges against Donald Trump in the state of Georgia.#trump ...


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  1. My paper work is completed and recorded Unlike most of you unknowingly being British territorial citizens I am an American not part of the ILLEGAL corporation you fools think is your Government So I personally could care less what happens to anyone dumb enough to stay in this Corporation. How ever anyone with an IQ above 30 Knows this is how the corporation deals with those who do or even may oppose them. If this was not true 100% Why is Holder Obama Clinton Biden and many more no facing treason charges? I will tell you British Territorial citizens like many of you are allowing it. Watching on your PHAT AZZES while you country is being dismantled from with in by A corporation posing as your Government. Over a million of us true Americans on the land & soil see this as PATHETIC and proof positive many of you remain and are no more than SHEEPLE. Pull head from rear end DO THE RESEARCH

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