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( After Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired clips of the surveillance footage from the Capitol during the January 6 riot, former President Trump demanded that the members of the January 6 select committee should be tried for fraud and treason. 

The clips featured on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” contradicted several of the claims made by the committee, as well as other Democrat politicians and the media. 

Carlson called attention to the lies told about the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick whom the media and Democrats, including President Biden, claimed lost his life during the riot. 

He then showed surveillance footage showing Sicknick alive and well, wearing a helmet and directing Trump supporters out of the Capitol. 

During the segment, Tucker pointed out that the clip of Sicknick still included an electronic bookmark in the Capitol archives, meaning that someone on the select committee staff had reviewed the footage. 

Carlson also featured another clip proved that the notorious Ray Epps, who has been accused of being a plant, lied in his testimony before the committee about the time he left the Capitol. The time stamp on the clip shows that Epps was still on the Capitol grounds long after he said he left. 


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