Tucker Carlson Makes a Chilling Prediction About Possible Trump Indictment (pjmedia.com)

On Monday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a compelling argument that indicting former President Donald Trump could lead to the permanent destruction of the United States justice system….


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    • Chin up!

      I think its still there. Most, if not all of the nonsense you see is the fringe groups. Sadly they have just done a much better job at controlling the media and power centers, incl the fbi, cia dhs, etc. And judicial posts.
      If the MAJORITY of folks in the US were to force their will upon the status quo, things would change. But whether we will or just submit is the issue.

  1. So Cohen was a democrat supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, attended Hillary’s campaign fundraiser for the 2016 election. Cohen didn’t even changed his political affiliation to Republican until after Trump was sworn into office (when he was hoping for a position in the administration). Stormy Daniels and Trump prior to Cohen paying her $130,000. and getting her signature on a non-disclosure agreement which Trump had not signed. So was Cohen going to use this to help his presidential preference which was Hillary Clinton, like an October surprise? When Billy Bush tapes didn’t take him down maybe he thought Trump was going to win so he had it as leverage to get a position in the administration? Just hard to believe any action he took was to benefit anyone other than his own interests, just my opinion.

  2. It just amazes me that people can’t look past their hatred for Trump just long enough to see the bigger picture here. Our justice system has been hijacked and weaponized and what it means to ALL Americans!

  3. What If unremarkable is why he Trump lawyers have not gone to the federal courts and requested an injunction against thsi grand jury on the grounds that it was convened to harass a Presidential candidate and is considering evidence that has already been full refuted in other jurisdictions. I suppose these arguments can be augmented by several other claims.

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