U.S. following in Europe's footsteps: "Bout of cold weather" this winter could result in BLACKOUTS due to energy shortages, expert warns (www.naturalnews.com)

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, is warning that the upcoming winter season in the United States “could be challenging” due to dwindling diesel and diesel distillate supplies. With 25 days or less of diesel stock remaining, inevitable shortages coupled with even

higher inflation is pretty much a certainty. What is unknown is whether or not this nightmare scenario will mean lights out in just a few short months.

“The national numbers for distillates are pretty tight,” De Haan warned, further suggesting that widespread outages could potentially happen “if we get a bout of cold weather.”

Keep in mind that the same rolling rhetoric occurred in Europe over the past year: They went from “everything is just fine” to “we might have problems” to “it could be lights out.” (Related: Cell phone towers in Europe are expected to fail this winter due to lack of energy.)

If the changing narrative there is at all indicative of what will also happen here in the States, then a dark winter will probably be the next thing we hear about from the media as we approach “day zero,” so to speak, for diesel.

Without diesel, America will collapse

Diesel and diesel distillates are the lifeblood of America’s farming and trucking industry – and thus the American economy. Without diesel and other diesel products, the United States will collapse.

When we say collapse, we mean no more food, which in turn means mass starvation. Will it actually come to that, or will some kind of fix or solution be implemented in the final hour? Time will tell.


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