UN Declares War on the 'Poison of Islamophobia' (www.americanthinker.com)

According to the U.N.’s website,

[t]he United Nations on Friday [03/10/2023] commemorated the first-ever International Day to Combat Islamophobia with a special event in the General Assembly Hall, where speakers upheld the need for concrete action in the face of rising hatred, discrimination and violence against Muslims.

António Guterres, secretary-general of the U.N., delivered the keynote address, “focusing attention — and calling for action — to stamp out the poison of Islamophobia.”  Below are key excerpts followed by correctives:

The world’s nearly 2 billion Muslims reflect humanity in all its magnificent diversity.  They hail from all corners of the world.  They are Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Americans and Asians.

But they often face bigotry and prejudice for no other reason than their faith.

Think about what he’s saying here: Muslims “face bigotry and prejudice for no other reason than their faith.”  In other words, Western peoples — the world’s most liberal and tolerant people by leaps and bounds — supposedly hate and mistreat Muslims simply and only because the latter have a different belief system.  In the real world, of course, it is precisely the West that developed the idea of religious freedom (which is sorely lacking in Islam).  If anything, the West is the only civilization that looks more favorably on all other belief systems than its own founding faith, Christianity.



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