Vice President Mike Pence discovered classified documents in Indiana home (

Vice President Mike Pence informed Congress Tuesday that he discovered classified documents in his Carmel, Indiana, home on Jan. 16.


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  1. What upsets me most about Mike Pence is his “Religious Hypocrasy” while he was ‘dirty’ on Januray 6th. He sold out The Counbtry when he cetified the electors and was yucking it up afterwards with Nancy Pelosi and fist bumping her as they laughed. She plamed him something which he slipped in his pocket while standing next to her at The Podium. His story that he had no right to “overturn the lection”: was total BS. He was never asked to do so! He was asked to send it back to The Swing States with The Alternate Electors for adjudication. It is my understanding that he had in advance agreed to do so, and at the 11th hour reniged and backed down. To me, he is a modern day Benedict Arnold Traitor. Elemr Gantry. A fraud.

  2. First Trumps was president, while Biden and Pence were not, big difference. Next it is not the quantity of documents it is the content and security of them that is most concerning. Finally, we have no idea how many documents are still at large.
    Why has not security clearances been revoked, Joe himself admitted to multiple instances of careless mishandling of classified material? A clear national security threat. How about the archivists past and present that failed to track and maintain the classified documents security? So many failures I cannot keep up!

  3. Tony Bell I think you are right. Both Biden and Pence should be made accountable. The security law was broken, both VPs did not have permission to remove classified doc from the WH and neither could declassify, whereas, the President Trump could and he did!

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