Video: Barack Obama Argues With Heckler In A Heated Video From His Latest Rally – Obama's Reaction Speaks Volumes (

Barack Obama argued with a heckler during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday. The former president was talking about how Republicans want ‘an economy that’s very good for folks at the very top, but not always so good for ordinary people’ when a heckler interrupted him. ‘Like you, Obama!’ the man yelled. Obama issued a challenge to the heckler, urging him to organize his own rally to express his opinions. The man is a Latino and said that he called out Barack Obama for supporting Katie Hobbs, a woman running for AZ Gov who has a history of discriminating



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  1. Obama is once again using his mentor’s book as he uses violence in his speeches trying to fire up the lunatic base of the demo-commie party. He uses the tactics in Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as he (and ALL demo-commies) accuse their opposition of what they are doing and have been doing since he ran for the Presidency!

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