Video Shows Chilling Moment At Trump Rally (

There were a lot of great moments at the Trump rally in Robstown, Texas last night but there was a moment that topped them all. During Trump’s speech, his supporters out of now where started to sing the National Anthem. It started with just a few but after a few seconds, thousands were standing and…



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  1. It started at 9 PM because that is when all the J6 political prisoners improperly charged and held in n DC’s squalid jail sing the Nathional Anthim every night as revealed by Marjorie Tailor Green and Louie Gomert on Tucker Carlson Tonight several days ago..
    These protesters were exercising their 1st Amendment rights and although some of them overstepped legal boundaries, hundreds were arrested for doing nothing illegal, overcharged fir months until they convinced some to cave and plead guilty to lesser crimes shich they also didn’t commit with many others jailed without access to bail, lawyers, family, or 14,000 hours of Federal tape including known exculpatory evidence deliberately being withheld by Nancy Pelosi and the J6 thugs.

  2. My eyes filled with tears when the Star Bangled Banner broke out at the Texas rally last night… and they are still filled with tears for the J6 in captivity and all of America. Forever she will wave!!

  3. I believe our Heavenly Father is giving our country a clear view of what is important. Truth, freedom, integrity, open realistic values, sincerity, moral fortitude. We have faltered in our footing. We have stood by as the wicked self serving politicians, stole from us, lied to us, and tried to kill us in a variety of ways including the corrupted vaccines they have tried to force us to take. They have sold us out to our enemies, corrupted our education centers, gmo’d our food, destroyed our abilities to farm and grow fresh food, corrupted our schools further by hordes of illegals, flooded our welfare programs with illegals, destroyed our medical programs, what is next? Vote these miserable criminals out, hang the many who have committed treason. Recover the stolen monies from the corrupted politicians. Let’s vote for term limits. Forensic studies on personal finances for all elected officials, state and federal. Real consequences for theft, treason, lies. In God we trust!

    • Dear Harry and all those Americans who fight for freedom! I am sending my love to you from Russia with support of every word. What you wrote about America refers 100% to Russia, all aspects of life are corrupt, oceans of lies cover up everything. The whole world is in the hands of corrupt politicians. Still, you Americans have your Constitution and Freedom of Speech which is absolutely forbidden in Russia. That’s why I look on you and your fight for justice with great hope and holding my breath. Thank you and Godspeed your efforts!! America will be great again!

  4. I was at the rally last night. It was an amazing celebration of faith and patriotism. So many beautiful moments that the cameras don’t capture!
    When the group next to us began singing the Star Spangled Banner, everyone stood to join them, quickly taking hats off and placing hands over hearts. It was beautiful! Hearing that it was to remember our fellow, suffering patriots, has made it even have more meaningful.

  5. We should never Forget and never Forgive what is being done to our fellow patriots in the DC jails, I understand there is one jailer who takes great pleasure in torturing Trump supporters under her watch, I hold Democrats 100% responsible for there which hunt and the harm it is causing. So should us all!

  6. It was so touching when the crowd blessed President Trump. President Trump is doing all he can to save our nation. Thank you to all of you honoring our President Trump! Proud to be an American with President Trump at the helm. Lynn Dennehy

  7. We’ve been taught many things that aren’t true! Yeshua was a Jew from the tribe of Judah, a direct descendant of King David through Solomon. Miriam’s fathers name was Joseph the same as her husbands name. John the Baptist was born on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the 15th day of the First month on Gods calendar. Yeshua was born 6 months later on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the 15th day of the Seventh month on Gods calendar. We still have 4 months of Gods calendar that don’t have pagan names. September (7), October (8), November (9), and December (10). So Yeshua Messiah was born September 15th. Who was born on December 25th? The son of the sun god, Tammuz, Mithra, Zeus, etc. Go to Leviticus 23 to see the Feasts of YeHoVaH.

  8. I don’t know how we are going to get justice ⚖️⚖️ back for these brave men and women but to be a political prisoner in the United States is just wrong ! DOJ FBI CIA are so corrupt ! We need true Patriot leadership back in our country ! God bless America and God bless these Brave people ! Thank you all for standing up for what is right ✌️🙂❤️🇺🇲🙏🙏

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