Vladimir Putin Could Be Removed From Power, Ex-Diplomat Says  | The Liberty Revolution (thelibertyrevolution.com)

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- An experienced Russian official recently told Newsweek that Putin might be ousted from power if Russia is defeated in its conflict against Ukraine. In Boris Bondarev’s view, Vladimir Putin will be forced to resign as president if he cannot achieve a favorable outcome to the conflict. 

Bondarev says this war between Russia and Ukraine may very well lead to Putin’s ouster. He is not a superhero. He has no unique skills or talents. 

If you ask Boris Bondarev, he’s just an “ordinary dictator.” 

Looking back through time, we can see that dictators have been occasionally replaced. In most situations, Bondarev said, if they lose the war and are unable to meet the needs of their followers, they “usually went away.” 



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