WATCH: Desperate Democrats Are STILL Pushing The LIE That Police Officers Died On January 6 (

Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY) is an excellent illustration of how an Ivy League education has degraded. After a protracted rant on the atrocities of the



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  1. Sieknick brother/parents were both interviewed that night/next day. His brother said they talked at the end of his shift,he was fine.Was getting his keys, checking out to go home.When he arrived home sometime that night he had a stroke & was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Where sadly he had another stroke & died.Those interviews w/family were censored off SOC media-but also I got locked out of my phone for 2 months to get back in they stripped my phone of 2 yrs of emails, vid pics, news. Much on BLM, open SOC groups, elections, & then True story of J6 Verizon & Apple.(including personal pics & apps, email,etc) I had JAYDENX on vid admitting he wore a camera/posed falsely 2 police at protests as a journalist/laughing that they didn’t bother him.So much more on him & others.On both sides.Proud boys only got involved because they saw so many injured leaving Trump rallys.They we’re just a loose group of guys who liked to party(guys nights out) they came/only used their fist 1 time, didn’t believe in guns.Did chase BLM & ANTIFA away from those attempting to safely get to their cars.They were never political. One small group hit a guy who was assaulting a woman (I believe elderly.)They held the assaulter till the police came & got him.Got the assaulted person to ambulance.They blocked BLM/ANTIFA 1 time from attacking those leaving rally in a line where police were told to protect BLM/ANTIFA.One BLM came & punched a lady in the face hanging out there w/proud boys line/as per orders police did nothing.Girl didn’t respond back, just was hurt & shocked police allowed it w/no consequences.So much more I could tell..but BEST QUESTION I AGREE!IS IF IT WAS SO TERRIBLE ON J6 WHY DO THEY KEEP LYING ABOUT IT. NO POLICE OFFICER DIED AT J6 & no 140 something were injured. THERE WAS THE ASHLI BABBITT MURDER.POLICE WAVING PEOPLE IN WEST SIDE & THEN BRUTALLY BEATING PEOPLE AS THEY WERE TRAPPED & SAID WANTED TO LEAVE-ROSANNE BOYLAND/UNCONCIOUS/BEAT 2DEATH WHILE PATRIOTS TRIED 2S

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