WEF Admits: COVID Was a Test to See How Far You'd Comply (welovetrump.com)

In today’s edition of ‘conspiracy theorists told you so,’ the World Economic Forum admitted COVID-19 was a “test” to see how far people would comply with their desired globalist system of “social credit score” control. COVID lockdowns, mandatory masks, jab mandates, and everything else associated with the Plandemic  was to see how far people would comply….


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  1. I pray all the evil ones burn in hell forever, our world rebuilds for all of humanity to enjoy life as it was intended. May all those who help others, love, and fight to protect our way of life and countries, one another, share and care for those suffering be protected and blessed. God Bless America, our real true president Trump and his family, may we all be free at last…………….AMEN!

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