WHO WILL SAVE YOU? Is Trump the Savior? Think again.

By Empower777.com

The Great Khazarian Mafia are LOSING their Power!   

As you know, the Khazarian Mafia is headquartered inside Israel. Millions of people are angry about the abuse they give the Palestenians for several decades!  The Khazarians (Zionists) are Satanists – they control Israel. Many people do not realize this. The Satanic Khazarians go back hundreds of years – they are fake Jews. They hide behind the Jews. 

Many people are concerned that Trump may not be the right man for the job. He has said many times that he is a fan of the Zionist government in Israel and will defend them. He has also said he is proud to be called “The Father of the Covid 19 Vax”.  Well, as most people know, the fake vax was actually a bioweapon that murdered about 20 MILLION people!!! What is wrong with Trump?  Does he have dementia? 

All we heard from Trump’s first presidential campaign was – I WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP.  I WILL ARREST HILLARY AND PUT HER IN PRISON.  I WILL BUILD THE WALL AND MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT.  Guess what?  Not one of those things happened.

The more knowledge YOU have the MORE power YOU have. Stay informed, get strong and learn how to be self-reliant.  Empower777.com

Also, the swamp rats in Devos, Switzerland are losing their pathetic power as well. All these groups are Satanic. They are a large death cult – their mission is to murder 95% of the population.  (WEF and others) Many residents in Switzerland are embarrassed the WEF and other similar organizations are headquartered in their country.  Again, the WEF is just another Satanic death cult. They are all intertwinded to cause confusion. Who is the author of deceit? You got it – Satan.

We all are told that we must relax – we are watching a “movie”.  Well, this has been the longest movie we’ve ever watched.  Most of us are ready for the end.

Our staff has done much research on Conspiracies. The Khazarian Mafia, their history, their agenda and what YOU need to do to protect yourself and your family is here.  Empower777.com



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