Woman Rejects Democrats After Being Told to Sign a Workplace "White People Are Racist" Contract – The New American (thenewamerican.com)

“The business of progressives is to go on making mistakes,” noted G.K. Chesterton ages ago. Well, for one Pennsylvania woman, they just made one mistake too many. In fact, says family attorney Nicole Levitt, it’s to the point where “political liberalism seems to have passed me by.” At issue is that as part of employer-mandated …


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  1. Be aware folks.
    Racism and all other isms and ists are terms perverted by the inept for the purpose of bludgeoning the capable so the inept can steal what they do not deserve. There method employed is know as: ad hominem abusive fallacies – arguments in which one attacks the “man” or the person instead of the issues.

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