Wrong, Washington Post – History and Data Contradict Claims of Worsening ‘Atmospheric Rivers’ | Watts Up With That? (wattsupwiththat.com)

WaPo and much of climate science today is overly reliant on projections from computer models rather than looking at trends in historical and real-world data.



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  1. Great lithograph included in the quote from the article:

    “California has always been prone to atmospheric river related severe weather events. From late 1861 into January 1862, the largest-ever atmospheric river event hit the west coast.

    Known as the Great Flood of 1862, it was the largest in California’s recorded history. Weeks of continuous rains and snows in high elevations began November 1861 and continued into January 1862. This was followed by a record amount of rain from January 9 to 12. The atmospheric river event dumped an equivalent of 10 feet of water on California, combining rain and snow, over 43 days.

    At the end, a warm intense storm melted the heavy snow load, causing flooding throughout the Sacramento valley, including Sacramento itself, see the Figure 3 lithograph. The capital was moved to San Francisco, the state was bankrupted, and government workers received no pay for nearly a year. Much of California’s Central Valley became a lake — 300 miles long; up to 40 miles wide.”

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