Your Organized Pantry Is Rooted In Racism And Sexism, Says College Professor | The Daily Wire (

It’s almost spring cleaning time, but according to one college professor, cleaning your pantry is racist and sexist.

A viral TikTok trend has emerged where users share their well-organized refrigerators and pantry closets. But Loyola University Chicago marketing professor Jenna Drenten wrote in The Conversation criticizing the trend, which she dubbed “pantry porn,” for glamorizing and stylizing home organization. Drenten then said that the trend was similar to the desire for niceness, which was rooted in racism and sexism.

“In today’s consumer culture, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ isn’t just a mantra; it’s big business. Nowhere is this more evident than the kitchen pantry,” Drenten wrote. “As someone who studies digital consumer culture, I’ve noticed an uptick in glamorized, stylized and fully stocked pantries on TikTok and Instagram, giving rise to a content genre I dub ‘pantry porn.’”


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