YouTube Allegedly Punishes Creator For Making Video Compilation Of Media Commentary About The Unvaccinated (

YouTube allegedly punished a creator after he made a compilation of media commentary about the unvaccinated.

Matt Orfalea posted a near-12-minute long video that showed several talking heads and officials saying that “nobody is safe” until everyone is vaccinated.

“No one is safe until we’re all safe,” dozens of individuals said before Orfalea cut in showing that 99.5% of people will survive COVID-19. The video then showed Bill Gates saying the entire population needed to be vaccinated while also highlighting that vaccines could be rapidly created given how fast the COVID-19 vaccine was produced.

Other clips showed media personalities and politicians saying the unvaccinated were the “problem” and that it is important to “condemn them, shame them, blame them.” The video then transitioned to highlighting how the media slandered those who “did their own research” about the virus and the vaccine. The video also highlighted the protection that natural immunity affords.

Orfalea later posted a screenshot to Twitter appearing to show his video was demonetized because it allegedly isn’t “suitable.”


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