Anybody Else Notice This Biden Charge On Their Tabs?

3.99% for ‘the big guy’



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  1. I looked it up and all I could find about it was that it’s a restaurant fee not a government fee. This crazy economy is killing small businesses with food prices rising daily. It’s difficult to stay on top of the prices, so it’s a temporary fee. Most of the places doing it are charging between 8 and 10%

  2. I’ve gone out to eat maybe five times in the past year, and that was to a Whataburger. I noticed food quality and portions reduced drastically during COVID lockdowns even while prices went up.

    It’s not the restaurant’s fault. The blame goes to those with an agenda to collapse civilization and anyone who supports and enables such.

    That being said, the grocery cost for stuff I always buy…just the basics….have in some cases more than tripled in a very short time. The other day I paid nearly $7 for 18 eggs, and that was the best price option. Two years ago I could buy 18 eggs for $1.50.

  3. Funny that I would see this today…my daughter and I went out for breakfast yesterday, and we received the bill. On it, it stated that there would be a 3.99% added to our check IF we used a credit card. Supposedly, it wouldn’t be charged that if we used cash. I wish they would have had that posted somewhere BEFOREHAND since we didn’t have cash on us….

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