Ballot Box Dropoffs Video Raises Serious Questions in Tight AZ Election (

“The surveillance footage is time-stamped from late October and early November 2022.”



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  1. Once corrupted a republic cannot be repaired – Thomas Jefferson.
    It cannot be repaired because courts, 3 letter agencies, the law & the voting process will always be rigged.

    That leaves war & mass purges of the permanent kind or secession (the later already on the Texas legislative docket and as of January 22 has between 35-45% support in over 16 other states.)

    So its not a question of if one or multiple of these will happen, its a question of how much people have to suffer and have the cheat rubbed in their faces before they rise up and do it.

  2. Within the aftermath of the mid-term elections, the only good news is that we have essentially paused some elements of the Democrats’ agenda of total destruction by taking control of the House. That’s where the bad news kicks in, because what’s coming next for America (under Democrat rule) is going to be a multi-year “Dark Winter” of economic collapse, food inflation, censorship, tyranny, global war and more rigged elections.

    What the mid-term proved is that Democrats know they can cheat and rig any election at any time. From here forward, Democrats don’t even have to pretend to cater to the interests of the people. They can simply dictate their demands, no matter how insane, and arrest anyone who refuses to comply. The “dark winter” has only just begun. (Mike Adams, the Health Ranger)

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