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    • #40656
      MAGA Moderator

      There are many great options. Let’s see who you would pick!

    • #40726

      Governor Desantis he has taken our state to a new level he is leading our state the way our founding fathers meant for it to be and he is fearless even I would hate to lose him during his second term as governor he would be halfway through it by then and we need Desantis for 8 years after Trump finishes his second term otherwise he would be out of the picture for 6 years . We don’t need someone like a nikki haley or Tim Scott to come along and try to fill that spot we need a real conservative not another member of the establishment

    • #40851
      Joshua Gerhadsen

      Desantis!! Guaranteed rule for at least 12 more years!!

    • #41106

      I think Mike Pompeo. He has experience and is a true genius. He complimented and supported President Trump during some of the nastiest times in American political history. He would be the perfect choice to help reinstate World Peace.

    • #41417
      John Evans

      Desantis. You will set him up for 8 more years. The Left-wing will have to call him every name that they call you and that will help blunt their ridiculous name-calling. Also, some people might be more comfortable voting for you if they know you have the best vice president. It will also keep people from saying they wish they could vote for Desantis instead of Trump. Also, it will blunt any talk of being too old to run. You would have an excellent vice president to take over, unlike Biden. Trump is the best president in the history of the US. I look forward to 4 more years.
      Trump: I hope you read this. Put your presidential library in a swamp. Put it on an island and can only be approached by boat or underground by a Disney Land-type horror ride with all the horrible critics you have had as swamp creatures.

      • #44611
        Cher Shaf

        Pompeo is closely tied to untrustworthy swampy Pence and his right hand man Marc! He is a CIA guy and part of the Deep State. Hard pass on lie about your weight loss surgery Pompeo.

    • #41418
      John Evans

      Trump: I hope you read this. Put your presidential library in a swamp. Put it on an island and can only be approached by boat or underground by a Disney Land-type horror ride with all the horrible critics you have had as swamp creatures. It can be a beautiful swamp with a beautiful building like the museum being built by the Saudi Arabian Prince. I have all sorts of ideas on how to make it nice if you get in touch with me.

    • #41718
      Buckeye Patriot

      Without a doubt, Donald Trump’s VP should be Ron Desantis.

    • #41740

      Tulsi Gabbard

    • #42760

      Sarah Palin is my 1 and only choice !

      Most Conservatives have no idea of the amount of positive things that Sarah Palin got done in Alaska as their Governor !


    • #43215
      Federal Trucker

      I think if DeSantis wants to be President someday, then assuming Trump wins the primary, which I fully expect, then DeSantis needs to lobby Trump to be Vice.

      I think DeSantis will be an excellent President, however, with talent like Kari Lake nipping on his heels, he can’t just wait until 2028 to run. He will need the the power of having been the Vice President to win the 2028 Presidential primary.

    • #43228

      Leave Kari in AZ they need her for 4 years and then he 28 she can come out with guns a blazing and be DeSantis’ running mate. The jury is still out on Trumps running mate. You don’t want to put 2 powerful people together as President and Vice President, I am implying that would be Trump and DeSantis.

    • #43337

      MTG of Course.

    • #44609
      Cher Shaf

      Candace Owens! Because we want to see her WIPE THE FLOOR with Kamala or any VP Dem candidate. No Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, or Elise Stefanik!!! We have had enough of the piss poor choices offered up by DC bubble and Washington swamp rats like Lindsey Graham, Dick Morris etc. (like crappy picks…Barr, Wray, Sessions, Tillerson)
      We DO NOT want any politicians unless it’s Desantis! Kari Lake would be good too but she’s needed in AZ. Do not pick Tulsi Gabbard, too many ties to China and too liberal! Allen West for Sec. of Defense or Sec. of State! Fire Chris Wray day ONE and go into the field in fly-over country and hand pick an agent, supervisor, unit chief, or ASAC to run the whole damn FBI and clean house! Your AG should be Tom Cotton or Ken Paxton…let him clean the crap out of DOJ! Put Ted Cruz on SCOTUS! Don’t say Candace doesn’t have political experience because neither did Trump and that is a GOOD thing. Trump has won over Black men but has barely moved Black women away from Dem party, Candace would do that BIG TIME! Also, she is actually Black not Indo-Jamaican like Kamala! **Mark Robinson Lt. Gov. of NC or Winsome Sears in VA are super-stars too; they would help with false narrative of racism too.**

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