Furry Fetish: Children Now Identifying as Animals, Talk of 'Litter Boxes' Instead of Bathrooms (Exclusive) – RAIR (rairfoundation.com)

As we march fearfully into a woke future, if a man can also be a woman, why can’t a human also be an animal?

What began as a sexual fetish subculture in the U.S. in the 19070s and 80s is now moving mainstream. After all, if you can choose your gender, or choose none at all, despite being born male or female, why wouldn’t you be able to choose to live as something other than human? 

According to newspaper reports in Australia and a German video from AUF 1 Productions, the furry fetish is picking up steam in the mainstream and among kids. Children are now identifying as animals. An eight-year-old girl at a Melbourne private school is being allowed to self-identify as a cat. At another school in Brisbane, one student cut a hole in her uniform for her tail. There’s talk of litter boxes being provided for those who no longer wish to use a bathroom. 

“Students and teachers are being pressured to go along with this absurdity,” says Kirralie Smith, the founder of Binary. This organization fights harmful gender ideology in Australia in an exclusive interview for RAIR Foundation USA. “It’s a complete denial of reality and the rise of students dictating the agenda. Parents are outraged, but because cancel culture has been so successful at labeling people bigots, they are getting away with it. It’s absurd. These children are not going to grow into mature adults when permitted to behave in such ridiculous ways.” 

According to AUF 1, “It’s not enough for the agitators to make children and adolescents doubt their own biological sex; now this ideology has them questioning whether or not they are human. Encouraging them to see themselves as animals.”


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