Germany: Syrian Islamists Arrested for Bomb Plot Against Swedish Church (

Authorities in Germany have arrested two brothers, both Syrian nationals, on suspicion of planning to carry out an Islamist terror attack on a packed church in Sweden, a joint press release by state and federal police and the public prosecutorā€™s office revealed on Tuesday, May 23rd. 

In the joint press release by the German federal police, Hamburg state police, and the Hamburg public prosecutorā€™s office, authorities say that the two brothers, 24-year-old Ahmad K. and 28-year-old Anas K., were arrested for preparing to detonate a homemade explosive device at an unspecified church in Sweden, the Berlin-based newspaper Die Welt reports.

While 28-year-old Anas K., the caseā€™s primary suspect, was arrested at his home in Hamburg during the early morning hours of April 25th, his brother, 24-year-old Ahmad. K., who was initially only suspected of being an accessory, was arrested on Tuesday, May 23rd, at his apartment in Kempten, Bavaria. 

Upon carrying out searches of the brothersā€™ residences, investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) recovered evidence linking the men to the planned attack, including bomb-making chemicals and clues pointing to the alleged target of the attack on a number of burner cell phones and computers. 


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