Senator smells a rat in Supreme Court probe on leaker: ‘there’s a lot about this investigative report that is very weird’ (

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse added more fuel to the speculative fire Sunday following an internal investigation by the Supreme Court that fell short of identifying last year’s leaker. “The whole thing makes no sense,” the Democrat concluded.


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  1. John Roberts is useless and has weakened the court by his incompetence. How hard can it be to find one person out of the small limited group with access to the tentative decision? He doesn’t want to name the person but they have to know who it was.

  2. So many SCOTUS staff could have told a 3rd party and that person could have told a 4th party and then someone wanted to leak it to the media. With all the investigative agencies, you’d think the would find the leaker in the first week or so. Seems like all we can hope for now is a whistleblower.

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