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  1. I love Steve Bannon. He’s strong and he’s dedicated and everyone knows he’s correct in what he says about the Democrats. How do we know? Because the left is losing it’s mind and they are after him just like they are after Trump, Lindell, Rudy Giuliani and MTG. The left is a wicked and evil regime and they know they’re in trouble. We the people have had enough. We’ve had enough of the deep state, the cabal, the left, the rinos, the corruption and the lies. It’s time to shake things up. God is the answer. He’s moving and He’s exposing. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

  2. Steve’s right, we can no longer have and never should have had political parties that do not adhere to the constitution as written (especially the Bill of Rights) and do not put America First!!

  3. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO the our steve bannon. the day before the holiest day of the year Yom Kippur what a great omen of a good year to come
    your posse is behind you 1000%!!!

    • Racism and all other isms, ists and terms are being perverted by the inept for the purpose of bludgeoning the capable so the inept can steal what they do not deserve. The method employed is know as: ad hominem abusive fallacies – arguments in which one attacks the “man” or the person instead of the issues. An FYI Just so you are aware!

  4. When the Democratic Party collapses, they will probably resurrect their old party, The Whigs: The Whigs would continue to believe that the legislature should have the most power in government, while the Democrats would continue to support a strong executive. Whigs were strong proponents of social order, the beginning of Socialism?

  5. How we going to do this since Liberals are simply going to Cheat again…and half of us conservatives aren’t voting until our 2020 vote is restored & Trump is back in office ?

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